Zhenjiang Dantu District Jiangxin application case
project background :By the CCCC Shanghai airlines courtyard entrusted, Surveying and mapping profile per 50 meters for 4 kilometers north gulf and Extension of 50 meters area of Zhenjiang Dantu District Jiangxin.
Equipment: ME70 Fully automatic Surveying and mapping unmanned ship、ODOM single wave Beam echo sounder

Project situation:Yunzhou Surveying and mapping unmanned ship can sailing smoothly in water area of spread all over shoals and shallows(USV’s depth of the draft is 20cm),Maximum offset of surveying and mapping only 1m(Artificial offset of surveying and mapping only 10m).Stick a line precision reach up to ±0.5m . USV takes only 40min to finish the job(The boat need 4h)