CL20 is designed for water discharge measurement and hydrographic survey. It compatible with different brand ADCP and single beam sonar, like RDI, Sontek , Linkquest and etc.. The boat size is 1.05*0.5*0.3m and only 12kg weight which makes it maneuverable ,compact, and could easily be operated by just one person and carried on the back of a SUV or a trunk. The maximum speed can reach 5.5m/s and 2km control range, so that the boat is suitable for most water current environment. Read More>>>

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  • Hull Material

    Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass
  • Hull Length

  • Hull Width

  • Weight

  • Payload

  • Motor

    Dual Brushless 24V DC Outdrive
  • Moon Pool

  • Remote Control Range

    2 km
  • Data Telemetry Range

  • Survey Speed

    2-4 knots(1-2m/s)
  • Top Speed

    11 knots(5.5m/s)
  • Battery pack

    1*24v 20AH
  • Instruments

    Sontek River Surveyor S5/M9
  • Instruments

    Linkquest Flowquest
  • Instruments

    Teledyne RD Instruments Workhorse RIO Grande

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