Oceanalpha USV assists” National Action”: Scientific investigation on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau in exploring “the third pole” on the earth.
Date : 2017.08

China initiated on a large scale synthetic investigation on” the third pole” Qinghai-Tibet plateau of the earth more than 40 years later. The new technologies of USV (unmanned surface vessel) and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) were used firstly for the scientific investigation on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau this time. Unmanned surface vessel from Oceanalpa took part in this world-famous “National Action” as the sole unmanned surface vessel platform. Oceanalpha USVs accompanying with scientific experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences yesterday morning launched scientific investigation on the plateau lake--the largest lake in Ti-bet, for which CCTV News Channel conducted live broadcast entirely.

Oceanalpha USV autonomously measured the depth and the bottom topography of the lake according to the navigation lines set up in advance by carrying echo sounder instrument, meanwhile monitoring PH, conductivity, salinity etc., water quality parameters. 

Scientific experts from Chinese Academy of Science introduced that this mapping for the bottom topography of the lake and the monitoring of water quality parameters contributed to having a better understanding of underwater form and lake causes and 
provided scientifically basic data and suggestions in order to establish national park in Tibet in future.The deputy director of Chinese Academy of Science expressed in the CCTV interview that it was different to investigate the plateau lakes from the investigation done inland where large researching ships can be used. Compared to rubber dinghy used before usually encountered unexpected winds & waves and bringing danger to scientific staff, the application of USVs avoided successfully these risks this time. Mr. Zhu considered that USV can realize automatic data acquisition, which was the advantage of USV compared with the measurement done by the manned operating vessel, also expressing that the data we need measuring can be acquired during the procession of unmanned vessel programmed in advance.


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