The vice provincial governor Ruisheng Xu speak highly of Yunzhou USV
Date : 2016.11

    In Aug.31th,2016,The mayor of Zhuhai City Mr. Zheng accomply with the vice provincial governor Mr.Xu and director of the provincial department of environmental protection Mr.Lu visiting Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligent Technology Co.,LTD.They make the research of production and application situation of Yunzhou environmental protection USV.The professor review the first world environmental protection USV--”collect sample and monitoring automatic USV ESM30 ”and “intelligent measurement USV CL40Y”. Mr.Xu pays a close attention to USV,Who stress that the application of USV is feasible,we need to improve the practicality constanly. We must make the best use of excellant products,which is produced, it’s be usefull. To improve the application of creation technology products and majorization, vice provincial governor Xu stress that our goverment should share the information with enterprise, helping them to find the prictical Requirements,and optimize the products.

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