Here are the "eight in hundred"national leading talents!
Date : 2016.11

        This picture shows that Dr. Zhang Yunfei introduces the application of Yunzhou unmanned ship in the field of environmental protection for experts and scholars have at China (Zhuhai) International Ocean Exhibition in 2016
         Yunzhou unmanned ship recently ushered in a great news that one of the founders of Yunzhou unmanned ship, Dr. Zhang Yunfei makes the list in the "professional and technical leading talents of the country's environmental protection". Stand out from the 504 candidates to become one of the 40 professional and technical leading talents of the "country's environmental protection. This is a "pick eight in hundred (8%)" selection!
         There are pictures that can tell the truth (click on the picture to see the small character of the name list)

        Faced with this competitive selection, depending on strength speech! The following is the period of enlarging the action:
        1. Officially approved the national environmental monitoring unmanned ship standard
        The country's first environmental monitoring unmanned ship standard project jointly assumed by Yunzhou intelligent technology and China environmental monitoring station has been approved!

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