The first unmanned ship technolgy port in China starting ceremony was held
Date : 2016.11

        In the morning of June 28th, the "unmanned ship technology port" starting ceremony was held in the exhibition room of South Software Park Zhuhai cloud Intelligent Technology Co., ltd. located in High-tech Zone. Gai Guangsheng, the director of National Oceanic Administration publicity and Education Center, General Zhang Jiapeng, the minister of Liberation Army General Logistics Ordnance Department, Zhang Yisheng, and the party committee of Zhuhai high-tech Zone attended the meeting.
         It is known that the "unmanned ship technology port" covers an area of 32 thousand square meters, with a total construction area of nearly 50 thousand square meters, and is expected to be formally completed and used in May 2017. In the future, the technology port will be built into a first-class unmanned ship R & D Test Center, industry standards development center, marine intelligent equipment system test platform and public technical service platform center created by related innovation industry.
         So as to provide an "industry-university-research" integrated service base for high-tech enterprises, research institutes, colleges and universities. By then, a number of national key laboratories will be settled in the unmanned ship technology port. In addition, a number of sophisticated equipment manufacturing giants will also transfer part of the business to the unmanned ship technology port.
         After completely constructed, the "unmanned ship technology port" will become a new scientific research and industrial base integrated with research, office, conference, apartments, tourism, science education, catering and other functions, drive the development of marine intelligent equipment and related industries of Zhuhai, the Pearl River Delta and the whole nation.

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