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Water Monitoring
Bathymetry Survey
Flow Measurement
Hong Kong Reservoir Water Quality Monitoring Client With ESM30+YSI EXO2 Probe

- ESM30 autonomous boat
- Shore station
- YSI EXO2 Multi-parameters probe
Hong Kong Plover Cove Reservoir
System Integration
Oceanalpha provide autonomous water sampling and monitoring boat ESM30, Water supplies department offer existing YSI EXO2 probe, whole system integration was developed by Oceanalpha to make sure successful water quality data acquisition.

The boat can be easily loaded to a mini Van with a vehicle and Base Station PC.

The YSI EXO2 was mounted in the bottom of the boat and well fixed
Back view of ESM30
Boat launch and Base Station PC operation at shore, the boat will follow the preset trajectory under GNSS navigation to collect water samples and acquire online water quality data such as temperature, PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Turbidity etc.(Depend on the configuration of sensors)

Water quality data can be observed in PC and after mission completed, sampling report and water quality contour map will be output.
ESM30 boat is an autonomous platform designed for water quality sampling and monitoring in lake, reservoir and rivers, it can be integrated with different multi parameters probes for water quality monitoring, especially bring great benefit to big area lake and reservoir.

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